Youth and Workforce Development

The Coalition’s Youth and Workforce Development Workgroup focuses on developing strategies to improve the graduation rate and improve workforce development pathways for youth. To cover the large age range of this group, two subgroups work specifically to strategize ways to support youth In-School (middle and high school age) and Out-of-School (19-24 years old).

This group’s work began as the New Britain Youth Network, which later merged with other entities to become The Coalition. Through the dedication of members this work continues.

Our Past Projects

  • Invitation of Summer SEE partnership with School District and Community Providers
  • Work to support District in its chronic absenteeism work
  • Conduct of an annual After School Academy for all local after school program providers
  • Adoption of a community-wide after school quality program self-assessment, the APT


Nick Jakubowski, Pathways/Senderos
Ricardo Henriquez, Workforce Solutions